The number of ultra-rapid charging hubs with six or more devices has increased by 123% – with 196 now installed across the UK, up from 88 a year before.

Meanwhile, the number of higher-powered charging points has increased by around 40% since September 2022, while the number of lower-powered devices has increased by 44%.

Breaking down the figures further shows that the fastest growth has been in the installation of ultra-rapid chargers, often found near motorways and A-roads, and slow charge points, mostly found on residential streets. The number of both has increased by 68% over the past year.

Head of insights Jade Edwards said: ‘These statistics help to give clarity on how the UK’s charging infrastructure is growing because they highlight important growth at two key ends of the charging spectrum.

‘For starters, the upwards trend in the number of slow devices on residential streets will soon become a real boon for electric car drivers not able to charge at home.

‘And while it can be difficult to see larger changes occurring from the ground, drivers up and down the country will certainly feel the benefits from the surge in the number of high-power devices at ultra-rapid charging hubs when charging further afield.’

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