Fleet managers could save nearly two days a week by adopting technology that helps them automate tasks, a new study has revealed.

The research from Verizon Connect shows that that 40% of fleet managers spend the majority of their time doing general administrative tasks.

Less than half of them (47%) currently use technology to assist them in their daily tasks, including automating routing, scheduling, and compliance, highlighting the significant untapped productivity gains across British fleets.

The study also found that over half (54%) of fleet managers don’t use technology to monitor vehicle incidents, while only 49% use technology to monitor driver behaviour to help improve safety.

Derek Bryan, vice president EMEA at Verizon Connect, said: 'Technology provides an enormous opportunity to unlock the potential of fleet-based businesses, but it still seems many fleet managers simply aren’t taking advantage. With just the tap of a few buttons, they can access data from across their business, and use this to both help improve performance of all their employees and monitor situations in near real-time.

Nearly half of fleet managers spend most of their time bogged down by admin, and this is time they could recover if they can use technology to help them to do their job more efficiently and effectively.'