EQUANS has been appointed by banking group NatWest to deliver more than 600 high power GeniePoint electric vehicle charging points across its office locations in the UK.

EQUANS, the new brand for global energy company ENGIE’s services led activities, has secured a five-year deal to supply, commission and operate a network of EV chargers across various NatWest offices in the UK. A total of 600 sockets will be in place by 2023.

NatWest has selected locations where the demand is high, and power is readily available. Through the partnership with EQUANS, colleagues and customers of the bank, can benefit from the low energy price unit, while the chargers will also support the company’s transition to a fleet of 300 EVs.

Access to the charging points will be for staff, visitors, and customers at NatWest offices, using the EQUANS’ GeniePoint platform – which also powers one of the largest national EV networks, the GeniePoint network. EQUANS will install high specification Alfen Pro-Line 7.4kW dual chargers.

Jerry Moloney, managing director for EQUANS’ Futures business in the UK & Ireland, said: ‘This partnership demonstrates a clear and strong commitment from NatWest on where they stand on the net zero transition. The only way we will convince a greater proportion of the population to consider electric vehicles is by giving them greater options and better access to chargers. This investment from NatWest does exactly that.’

Michael Lynch, climate solutions lead at NatWest, said: ‘At NatWest we are helping our staff decarbonise transport and achieve Net Zero commuting. Working in partnership with EQUANS to provide EV Chargepoints at key strategic office locations supports our staff in making that transition to Electric Vehicles and help reduce our carbon footprint.’

Belfast Donegall Square East will be the first NatWest location to receive the EV chargers in the coming weeks.