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OWL adds air quality monitoring to its agenda for 2019; Future Fleet Forum associated event launches in Canada

Clifford Comments

As the driver and technician shortage worsens, Phil Clifford argues that better incentives are needed to make working in public sector fleet management attractive to young people.

Future Fleet Forum report

Future Fleet Forum 2019 saw increased attendance from the UK and overseas. The fourth edition strengthened its international focus and brought together some of the sector's leading experts. Here's our special report on day one of the conference.

Future Fleet Awards

Gateshead Council, Oxford City Council, and the City of Calgary in Canada were among the public sector organisations honoured for excellence in fleet management performance and innovation at the Future Fleet Awards 2019.

Electric truck-mount sweeper

Europe's first fully-electric truck-mounted sweeper from Johnston Sweepers is set to offer local authorities a zero-emissions, low-noise street-cleaning solution.

Direct Vision Standard

Manufacturers around the world are turning their attention to London's roads to witness a revolution in truck design as a result of the introduction of the Direct Vision Standard.

Wheelie bin emptying machine

A fully-electric, side-loading wheelie bin emptying machine enters the UK market.

Vehicle lifts for maintenance

LAPV visits a vehicle lift manufacturer that brings innovation to the workshop and maintenance sector for local authorities.

Nottingham goes electric

Nottingham becomes the first to employ electric sweepers in the UK.

Police fleet management

LAPV explores the key challenges involved in keeping a large fleet of police vehicles on the road.

Internet of Things vulnerability

The widespread adoption of automated and connected technologies has brought benefits to the fleet industry, but early-stage innovations also have vulnerabilities that fleet operators would be unwise to ignore.

Safety lighting system

Technology that improves the safety of vulnerable road users by raising their awareness of vehicle manoeuvres has been developed.

OWL Cardiff

The Optimised Waste and Logistics (OWL) Cardiff roadshow took place on March 7, 2019, at the St David's Hotel in Cardiff.

Verge maintenance

Climate change is forcing local authorities to review their verge and grass maintenance regimes, and this also impacts on equipment choice and use.

Vehicle test

LAPV takes the upgraded Nissan e-NV200 electric van for a spin to put its ride and range to the test.

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Future Fleet Forum day 2

We present the full report on what was presented during the leading event in our industry, held at the Guildhall on January 24, 2019.

OWL (Optimised Waste and Logistics Show) Scotland

Who was there and what was discussed?

Contract hire ' the future

The contract hire industry is shifting and reshaping. LAPV talks to the main players about the future and what their customers really require.

Batteries and battery management

EVs will present a completely new set of challenges. Especially, when it comes to the management of batteries, the fleet manager will have a complex task ahead. LAPV speaks to top experts in this field.

Emergency services fleet

We look at the latest deliveries as well as trends and developments in police, fire and ambulance fleet.

RCVs for 2019/2020

LAPV presents an overview of trends, developments and legislation surrounding refuse collection vehicles. We also look at the latest bin lift technology.


Sweeper technology is going fast forward. Local authorities and contracting organisations have to decide what type of sweepers suit their operational requirement. LAPV weighs up the options.

Grounds maintenance

LAPV highlights the latest tractors and utility vehicles for grounds maintenance operations.

Safety systems and vehicle conspicuity

LAPV looks at the latest safety software and systems as well as vehicle conspicuity accessories, including truck door windows, reflective tape, amber and blue lights, lighting systems and side barriers

Vehicle test

Steve Banner casts his judgement over the latest vehicles launches.

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