Qi Van Systems, the Midlands based vehicle racking and storage specialist has relaunched its G2000 Ladder Rack unit with improved specification and a lower price with a view to aiding health & safety.

Getting a ladder mounted on a vehicle is not without risk, either to the operative or the vehicle. Having roof-mounted the ladder, it needs to be made secure for safe transportation, often requiring rope lashings without instructions or set standards.

Finally the ladder removal repeats the risks, and more so in an emergency, a busy street or bad weather conditions.

With the revised G2000, all ladder loading and demounting is fully supported throughout the process by its sturdy hydraulic system, the weight of the ladders being maintained by the system and not the operator, with all actions carried out by the operative keeping their feet firmly on the ground at all times.

The G2000 is used by leading utilities and local authorities throughout the UK and Ireland. Barry Proffitt of Qi's Fleet Sales department said: “There is no doubt that the G2000 is the safest ladder rack system in the UK and provides a solution which minimises risk for both users and employers”. For more information, please contact: bproffitt@qivansystems.co.uk