C.P. Davidson’s Ltd is a hire company based in Chorley, Northwest England. With CPD joining FZUK, it will help add to their offering, the customer base, technology and the service network of both organisations.

C.P. Davidson supplies refuse collection vehicles, skip and hook loaders, and provides complete repair and maintenance contracts.

Philip Davidson will remain Managing Director reporting to Simon Hyde, CEO and help formulate the growth plans and activities for FZUK and CPD. Simon Hyde commented: ‘We welcome the Davidson family into the group and believe this will be a great success. It will help to thrust the strategic plan of FZUK and provide a compelling offering to both sets of clients. We see this as a great partnership and are excited for both teams to work together in the future.’

Philip Davidson said: ‘While this choice was not easy, we firmly believe it is the best course of action for the future of our company and all of our valued employees.

‘FAUN- Zoeller is a highly reputable and leading waste management company specialising in manufacturing high-specification waste collection vehicles and bin lifters. FAUN- Zoeller has expressed a strong interest in expanding their operations, and they are dedicated to maintaining the same level of quality service that our customers have come to expect from us. We firmly believe this change presents exciting new opportunities for our company and employees.’

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