Essex-based skip hire and recycling company Dunmow Waste Management has invested in 15 new Hyva skiploaders.

Dunmow Waste Management currently operates 6 Hyva hookloaders and 28 skiploaders, with an additional 15 skip loaders due to be delivered in Spring 2021.

The Hyva skiploader system is market leader in the UK leading with over 60% of operators choosing it for reliability, strength, durability and speed in operation.

Combined with the Hyva Easy Sheet hydraulically operated sheeting system, which is able to cover a container in less than one minute, turn around, loading & unloading times are fast, maximising productivity.

Dunmow Waste Management operate the Hyva NG2012XL combined with the Hyva Easy Sheet system and Radio Remote system which controls both body and the sheeting system from a driver friendly handheld unit, enabling the driver to position himself safely for the best view whilst operating the loader.

Commenting on the design and application of his Hyva skiploaders, CEO Sam Malins said, ‘They look good. A really tidy unit that’s been built with the operator in mind and they are easy for the driver to operate and provide good visibility.’

Reviewing the equipment's functionality, Mr Malins also complimented the Hyva Radio Remote control system for its usability and the Easy Sheet system for its design, effectiveness, and speed in operation.

As a growing business, dedicated to providing the best customer service, Mr Malins explained that he will choose Hyva every time.

‘Hyva products are built for the job,’ he said, before adding that he has ‘confidence that if anything does go wrong, it will be rectified.’