The first charge points have been put in place by Connected Kerb in a car park near the council’s main office in Gloucester.

The county council has also taken delivery of six new Nissan Leaf electric vehicles to be used by the council’s Edge of Care team, who provide support for children and young people.

The council also said that coverage may be extended to 37 more sites run by the local authority, including fire stations, libraries and highways depots over the next three years.

The extra charge points will ensure a new fleet of electric vehicles is able to be charged at locations across the council network, according to a statement from the local authority.

In September, the cabinet agreed plans to replace 41 cars and vans used by Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

Cllr David Gray, cabinet member for environment and planning, said: ‘The county council is committed to leading efforts in the county to address the climate emergency and help create a greener Gloucestershire.

Switching our own vehicle fleet to electric is just one example of that leadership in action.

‘Electric vehicles significantly reduce carbon emissions, as well as offer savings in fuel and maintenance costs. The new chargepoints at council sites, as well as the public ones being rolled out this year, will make it easier to switch over to EVs by making charging more accessible.’