Oxford City Council has taken delivery of its first electric vehicles as part of the Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO).

The world first project will see the trialling of the world's largest hybrid battery system (50MW) to support the acceleration of Oxford’s electric vehicle charging capacity and fleets.

Under the £41m project, ODS has added six new EVs to its current fleet, with a further 27 due to be delivered over the next few months.

The project is also funding a ‘Try before you buy’ scheme for Oxford’s Hackney Carriage drivers with Electric Blue. The scheme enables drivers to trial one of two models for a two or four-week period.

Pivot Power is installing the world’s most powerful charging network at Blackberry Lane, South Oxford. This network will connect public charging facilities at Redbridge Park & Ride directly to National Grid’s high voltage transmission network.

Councillor Tom Hayes, cabinet member for Zero Carbon Oxford at Oxford City Council, said: 'With this project we're encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and the move to zero carbon. Energy Superhub Oxford gives Oxford strengths that no other city currently has: the world’s most powerful charging network and the world’s largest ever hybrid battery, and as a result we can accelerate our electric vehicle charging infrastructure for businesses and residents.

'It also allows the city council to provide support on top of what we're already offering to Hackney Carriage taxi drivers looking to move to electric. I am looking forward to seeing this project accelerate Oxford towards zero.'