Mercedes-Benz Truck Dealer City West Commercials has joined forces with leading sweeper manufacturer Scarab to build a one-of-a-kind demonstrator vehicle.

Based on a 13.5-tonne GVW Mercedes-Benz Atego chassis and equipped with Scarab’s Magnum 72 Hydrostatic single-engine sweeper body, the truck is thought to be unique.

Initially offered to specialist operators across the country for trials, interest in the vehicle was so high a buyer has already snapped it up. Further demonstrations are planned in the coming months, before it can be released to its new owner, and a replacement demonstrator is already under construction.

‘As far as we know it’s the only Scarab-bodied Atego in the country,” said City West Commercials Dealer Principal Darren Sweet. ‘So we’re eager to show the industry why we believe this is simply the best truck available in its category, with the robust build quality, engineering integrity, driver appeal and top-quality back-up that operators have every right to expect.

‘The fact that one of the first to try it immediately decided to buy it only goes to show what a fantastic package we’ve created.’

Scarab Business Development Manager Andy Farley added: ‘The Atego has been unfairly overlooked as a chassis of choice in the sweeper sector – partly because, rightly or wrongly, it’s often been thought of as more expensive than some rivals.

‘That’s certainly not the case though. Current pricing means it is very competitive, with a set of attributes that make it a strong option for this application – it’s a premium product, with all the benefits that implies, and the chassis is an excellent ‘fit’ for our equipment.’

‘The technical support from Mercedes-Benz Trucks for specialist bodybuilders is renowned as possibly the best in the business,’ he continued.

‘That helped our engineers develop a superb demo truck that would take pride of place in any fleet, but will also allow us to tailor the exact specification of any vehicles we sell to the individual needs of any customer. The addition of our highly effective and efficient body equipment can only make it even more attractive.’

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