A best-practice guide for procurement and tender of specialist fleet and related services is to be produced by the Future Fleet Procurement Working Group.

The group, which was set up to improve industry standards and promote innovative thinking, has concluded that improved communication between all parties involved in the procurement process is the key to achieving this.

And the cornerstone of their efforts will be to provide a best-practice guide to both suppliers and procurers, they told delegates at Future Fleet Forum 2016.

Sylvie Giangolini, managing director of Hako Machines, told delegates: 'Improved communication between the public and private sectors and central/regional government organisations is obviously the way forward and the working group has concluded that a best-practice guide should be at the heart of that.

'Benefits include encouraging innovation, creating transparency and reducing the length of the process.'

Phil Clifford, Fleet Manager of West Suffolk Councils, said: 'If we follow the best practice guide, there will be numerous benefits for all including councils getting the best-value solution for their needs and suppliers getting improved visibility of upcoming tenders and a clearer understanding of the council's aims and requirements.'

More on the working group's finding and the way forward in the next edition of LAPV in September and on www.lapv.co.uk.