Believ will create shared EV charging clusters to help local businesses transition more quickly to the electrification of vehicle fleets. It will also promote the use of vehicle pools to encourage people living and working in central London to reduce their reliance on vehicle ownership.

For each borough that expresses interest in the scheme, Believ will identify the most feasible sites to install EV charge points, fully fund the supply and installation, and provide the ongoing operation and maintenance.

Believ will also promote the use of electric car-clubs to encourage vehicle sharing rather than the use of individually owned cars and vans, with the goal of decreasing vehicle ownership overall.

‘We're delighted to be chosen as the sole supplier of EV charging for the Smarter Green Logistics project,’ said Mathew Croucher, EV Services Director at Believ, ‘and excited to be working with Cross River Partnership to help improve quality of life in London. Encouraging more London businesses to switch to electric fleets or e-car sharing will hasten the transition to a more sustainable and cost-effective form of transport. And that means cleaner air for all.’

Susannah Wilks, Director, Cross River Partnership, said: ‘Smarter Greener Logistics will help to make London’s freight deliveries even more sustainable, and make an important contribution to cleaning up London’s air. CRP is thrilled to have received this funding from central government department Defra. We are excited to get to work on new freight initiatives with all of our public, private and community sector partners.’

Each of the 15 local authority partners of the project will identify which local businesses want to go electric but are unable to do so currently due to the lack of convenient EV charge points for their staff. Charge points are not only needed near the business premises, but also near the drivers’ homes and in the surrounding areas, so they can charge their vehicles when out and about or on their drive home.

Led by Westminster City Council, SGL’s goal is to reduce air pollution from freight and goods delivery across London and improve the quality of life for people living and working in the city. The project received a £1 million grant from Defra to be spent by the end of 2024. Additional matched funding is being provided from each of the boroughs and private sector companies involved.

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