Volvo Construction Equipment has announced that it is launching a 90-tonne excavator fitted with a Stage V engine.

The 90-tonne EC950F crawler excavator is equipped with a 450kW Volvo D16 engine that delivers high torque at low rpm and complies with the newest international emissions standards.

Volvo says the EC950F has ‘superior digging force’ thanks to constant high hydraulic pressure.

The optimized hydraulics system increases pump power for fast and smooth operation, while the electro-hydraulic system controls on-demand flow and reduces internal losses in the hydraulic circuit.

The EC950F also comes with a boom-swing priority valve.

The 90-tonne excavator delivers a high bucket capacity for more tons per hour and can be fitted with a range of Volvo attachments, including General Purpose, Heavy-Duty, and Extreme-Duty buckets.

It also features a wide track gauge, long track length, retractable undercarriage, and an optimized counterweight to ensure stability.

All machine interfaces, including joysticks, keypad, and LCD monitor, are ergonomically positioned. Smart features such as the optional Dig Assist help the operator to dig more efficiently.