The new Scania S-series has been made International Truck of the Year 2017.

This is the fifth time Scania has won this prestigious award, previous winners being the 3-series (1989), the 4-series (1996), the R-series (2005) and the new R-series (2010). In selecting the new S-series, the jury emphasised driver comfort, safety and the truck's positive impact on hauliers' overall economy.

'The award is the leading recognition in the industry that all our engineers and the entire Scania organisation have done an excellent job,' said Henrik Henriksson, Scania's president and chief executive officer.

The jury, which is composed of 25 leading European trade press journalists and chaired by the Italian automotive journalist Gianenrico Griffini, wrote the following in its citation: 'With its new range, Scania has delivered a truck that represents a real state-of-the-art offering in the heavy duty segment capable of satisfying not only today's but also tomorrow's transport needs'

It also highlighted Scania's tailored service offering, which is based on the fact that more than 200,000 connected Scania vehicles are out on the roads.

The Scania S-series is the new flat floor cab mainly intended for long-haulage operations which Scania has just introduced within the framework of its new truck generation.