A guide to safer driving has been launched by Licence Bureau, with the charity Brake, to highlight typical driver distractions.

The guide builds on the organisations' 12 Driver Distractions social media campaign that ran over the Christmas and New Year period, urging drivers to make safer driving choices.

Aimed at fleet and young drivers, it highlights the dangers of phoning, applying make-up, eating, texting, music, selfies, drugs and fatigue at the wheel, which are some of the most common distractions all year round.

The guide provides information, facts and figures, including true stories of drivers who have been jailed and lives of families which have been shattered following an accident involving one of these distractions.

'The Christmas road safety campaign was so well received by fleets and young drivers that formalising it in a printed guide was a natural step,' said Licence Bureau managing director Malcolm Maycock.

Brake's Road Safety Week pledges ' to be 'Secure, Silent, Sharp, Sober, Slow and Sustainable' ' are also featured in the guide to encourage motorists to avoid the pitfalls of becoming distracted behind the wheel.