Rushcliffe Borough Council has bought a new 26t Dennis Elite vehicle fitted with the Cyclear Cyclist Safety Warning Device and the Reaclear reverse manoeuvre safety system, both from Innovative Safety Systems (ISS).

Cyclear has an audible speaker that sounds to let cyclists and vulnerable road users know when the vehicle is turning left. This is coupled with an intelligent sensor arrangement that detects cyclists and alerts drivers.

Reaclear is a preventative reversing device, which works by ensuring that every reverse manoeuvre is 'authorised' before it occurs.

The system comprises a hand-held device that also acts as a two-way radio. The reversing assistant presses the transmit button to let the driver know it is safe to reverse. If the vehicle is reversed without first receiving a signal, an alarm sounds in the cab and LED warning lights start to flash.

The council's deputy leader Debbie Mason said: 'Safety is always at the front of our minds for residents and visitors who enjoy cycling on Rushcliffe's roads. We want to give them peace of mind we are increasingly aware of the need to keep them and all road users safe around our vehicles.

'Equally we want to protect our hard-working refuse teams and the hand-held radio devices will go a long way to ensuring drivers and loaders can work in safer environments in their day to day operations.

'We chose this vehicle specifically because of these new features and over time wish to add to the fleet to ensure new vehicles endorse the same advantages'

Gavin Thoday, Director, Innovative Safety Systems ltd (ISS): 'Rushcliffe Borough Council is showing a serious commitment to the safety of residents and their crews by adopting both Cyclear and Reaclear on this vehicle.

'As with all our products both systems have been fully tried and tested in the field and engineered to cope with the demanding environment in which refuse vehicles operate. We are really proud to have developed this technology, which we are confident will save lives and avoid injuries'