Refuse Vehicle Solutions (RVS) has launched a new RediTruck service, enabling waste management operators to buy a brand new refuse vehicle from stock without having to wait manufacturer's long lead times.

Customers can drive away a RediTruck vehicle within days or weeks of placing an order.

The first RediTruck customer is Devon Contract Waste (DCW) who have ordered three new refuse trucks, all Mercedes Antos chassis with Dennis Olympus body, 'weighing prepared' and fitted with trade bin lifts.

The three vehicles, including the truck exhibited by RVS at the RWM exhibition, will be delivered this month, only a few weeks after DCW ordered them.

DCW Managing Director Simon Almond said: 'In our industry things move quickly. For example it might be a new customer or the fleet starts costing too much to repair so you need to refresh it quickly. New trucks that are ready in commercial spec. are very hard to find 'off-the-shelf' so RediTruck is very appealing for any operator. In fact most would pay a premium to get such a vehicle quickly. In our case we've actually saved money going with RVS.'

RVS Managing Director Spencer Law said: 'Most waste management companies operate a combination of Quality Used, Remanufactured and New refuse vehicles, but when they need to refresh their fleet with a new vehicle they can wait up to 9 months for a vehicle direct from the manufacturers.

'Also, the vehicle needs to be properly specified with the correct equipment to be ready for work. We know our customers' businesses and we know what kind of vehicles they need so we can do all of that for them. We can order the vehicles in advance and keep them in stock because we always have customers who will need them.'