Powerday of London has become the first operator to take Hyva's new TRR remote control skiploader into its fleet.

Hyva's crane-based remote control technology frees drivers from a fixed working position so that they can view the loading and unloading of the skip from anywhere around the truck, making the operation safer and easier.

It also speeds up operating functions, such as lowering the rear legs and extending the reach of the arms. And by making the accurate placing of skips that much easier, it saves more time.

Powerday's Transport Manager Bill Cox said: 'Hyva's remote control system makes operating skiploaders markedly safer, easier, faster and more productive.

'In the real world, Hyva's new electronically controlled skiploaders work faster and offer us the potential to handle an extra skip per truck per day. An equally significant advantage may well come from a reduced potential for accidents and their subsequent insurance costs.

'Whichever way you look at it, Hyva's latest remote control system takes skiploader operation into a new era.'

Powerday's first two Hyva TRR skiploaders have been fitted to 250hp 18 tonnes DAF LF chassis. A third unit, on a Volvo, is due to enter service shortly. They are all based at the company's state-of-the-art recycling facility at Old Oak Common in West London,