Access control specialist Nortech has introduced a long-range reader which enables automatic vehicle identification at distances of up to 10m and speeds of up to 125mph.

The Transit Ultimate, from Nedap, is a high-end reader, based on semi-active RFID technology and designed for both high security and vehicle-access control applications.

It is designed for controlling entry into staff car parks, industrial site access control and for priority vehicle control and other vehicle access control situations, such as tolling systems, distribution centres, bus lane control and taxi-feeder systems.

The Transit Ultimate is designed to perform under tough environmental conditions, with a built-in antenna, an integrated read range adjustment board and a variety of communication interfaces to ensure that integration is both seamless and flexible.

The identification lobe of the reader is a directed beam, offering precise determination of the detection area.

To work alongside the Transit Ultimate, Nedap has designed five different tags to suit different environments: the Booster, Compact Tags, Window Button, Switch and the Heavy Duty Tag ISO.

The Booster combines long-range vehicle and driver identification at up to 10m. It supports HID prox, EM, Nedap, MIFARE, HID iClass and LEGIC credentials and comes with simultaneous driver and vehicle identification.

The Compact Tags are credit-card-sized, with identification up to seven metres. It benefits from dual side read capability and has an optional tag holder for windshield mounting.

The Window Button is a long range single ID tag that can be identified up to 10m away. It is designed to suit the interior of a passenger vehicle and comes with a suction pad to allow for windshield mounting. It also benefits from automatic transmission of vehicle ID.

The Window Button Switch long range single ID tag also identifies up to 10m and can be mounted with a with suction pad. User-activated transmission of vehicle ID is included.

The Heavy Duty Tag ISO is a durable and weatherproof RFID tag suitable for applications requiring reliable long-range identification in harsh environmental conditions. It is ideal for the ID of trucks, trailers, containers and fork lifts and has identification up to 10m.

Nortech has supplied products and solutions to the security industry for more than 25 years as an independent British company.