The Finland-based heavy duty work lights manufacturer, Nordic Lights, has chosen Brigade Electronics as its main distributor for the UK aftermarket.

Brigade Electronics provides vehicle safety devices providing complementary products to those of Nordic Lights and similar brand values.

'This partnership will bring substantial synergy as we are able to use Brigade Electronics' knowledge of the local market and nationwide sales network to promote our products,' said Nordic Lights' Sales Director Gunilla Laakso.

Nordic Lights, which sells products all over the world, puts a great deal of emphasis on product testing to establish quality and reliability of its products. The company says each lamp is tested for more than ten hours before being shipped with tests including lumen output, light distribution, vibration, shock, dust humidity and exposure to heat and cold to achieve international standards.

Brigade will promote Nordic Lights' LED range, the latest technology to follow halogen or HID lights. They are brighter and stronger than other products and handle vibration better making them ideal for heavy duty applications.

Energy savings of up to 85% can be achieved when using LED lamps which have a lifetime of 50,000 hours compared to only 500 hours for halogen. LEDs also create a more natural light, similar to day light, which stimulates the brain into thinking it is daytime thus feeling more alert and ultimately improving worker safety.

'We are proud to be working with Nordic lights to increase customer choice in the heavy duty market by offering quality products to improve vehicle and machinery safety,' said Emily Hardy, Brigade's UK Marketing Manager.