The Square Mile is about to get even cleaner and greener as Johnson C400 sweepers roll into the City of London in June.On average the £120,000 C400s use 3.9 litres per hour less fuel compared with the regular 7.5 ton chassis-mounted sweepers, which means - based on 40 hours per week - the C400 could reduce annual CO2 emissions in the City by 21 tons per vehicle.

The sweepers also have a 'dust suppression' system, improving air quality in the City, which has some of the most polluted air in London.

With its 'all-round vision camera' and 'safety left-turn audible warning' systems the driver can see ' and warn cyclists and pedestrians of their whereabouts, and its bespoke attachments enable the vehicles to clean and clear road gullies.

The City of London Corporation ' the local authority for the Square Mile ' says the Johnston sweepers are the first vehicles delivered from the factory with all these added safety requirements.

John Tomlinson, Chairman of the City Corporation's Port Health & Environmental Services Committee, said: 'I'm looking forward to seeing them in action. A world-class city needs world-class streets, so our environmental services team is constantly rising to the challenge of keeping this world-leading international financial centre running smoothly.'

'The Square Mile is full of history and beautiful architecture and these new vehicles will help us to continue to achieve the high standards people expect when they visit, live or work in the City of London.'