A freedom of information request by Geotab found a fifth of local authorities have yet to add a single EV to their fleet, with only four having fleets with over 20% EVs.

Almost three-quarters (74%) of those surveyed are still operating fleets comprising more than 90% petrol and diesel-powered Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles.

The report found that 80% of local authorities had at least one EV in their fleets. Nottingham City Council is leading the way with 34.9% of its fleet currently electrified, with Leeds City Council, Kingston, West Sussex County Council, and Winchester City Council reporting 20% or higher electrification amongst their fleets.

It also found that while the majority of local authorities use telematics to some degree in their fleet management, only 13% have telematics across their entire fleet.

David Savage, vice president UK & Ireland at Geotab, said: 'The findings of this report demonstrate a worrying lack of investment by local authorities across England ahead of the switch to electric at the end of this decade.

'27% of the UK’s emissions are attributed to transport, and fleets account for over 50% of new vehicles on the road. Public sector fleet operators are in a position to lead this strategic shift by example - but they need the necessary investment, funding, and tools to support the transition to 100% electric.'

The report calls for a concrete target to focus transition progress, backed up by better guidance and the sharing of best practice.