Muthing has brought a new mower to the UK market, the MU-Collect Vario mulcher, aimed at professional landscapers.

Simon Richard, UK Agent for the Muthing range, said: 'The MU-Collect Vario gives you both possibilities; an optimal mulching result and perfectly tidy surfaces.

'It is available in working widths of 1.4 and 1.6m for mechanical driving powers of 20-40hp and hydraulically driven with 30-70 litres per minute.

'The M-Vario is able to achieve the best possible mulch quality and shredding performance while also increasing the load capacity for the carrier vehicle, thanks to an optimised intake and housing form and the ability to steplessly adjust the shredding rates at the cutting bar'

The mower is designed to help the user to quickly change the implement between the collecting and the mulching functions.

A feeder auger brings the mulch material together to ensure reliable operation even under high throughput levels. The special delivery chute prevents blockages due to material backup or full containers.

The mulch material can be ejected or drawn in either centrally or on the right depending on the particular vehicle being used. This allows the implement to be mounted just as easily on large mowers as on compact tractors.

The mulcher is equipped as standard with a full-length wear insert, durable Hardox wear runners and the tried-and-tested carbide M-shackle flails.

Scarifying blades are also available for the implement. These cut up and aerate the matted layer in the root crown area to improve the soil structure in the long term.