A new vertical binlift designed for both municipal and commercial waste vehicles was launched at RWM 2015 by MOBA and Logic Fleet Management.

The Logic Lift or 'LL-1' claims to be the only bin lift in the UK and Irish that is manufactured on home turf.

Logic Fleet Management Managing Director Michael Gray said: 'In 2012 we embarked upon the development of a vertical binlift for the UK and Irish Markets. As a recognised supplier of refurbished binlifts we saw that there was a growing trend towards product over-sophistication, which can lead to increased maintenance costs and downtime.

'Consequently, there has been fresh demand from the market for a vertical binlift which can be serviced promptly via smart diagnostics resulting in lower maintenance and whole-life ownership costs.

'We also knew that our customers would welcome a home-grown vertical lift solution, so manufacturing and assembling in the UK and Ireland will not only secure local jobs but breaks up the current dominance of imported lifters.'

Ian Lewis, Managing Director of MOBA, said: 'By adding the LL-1 binlift to our product range, our customers have a much broader choice of product offering. This now means that customers can either select just bin weighing and ID technology, or this together in combination with the LL-1 binlift, which will provide them with a much more rounded and unique service.'

The fully automatic split binlift incorporates semi-automatic functions for trade bin collections. With a reduced over-hang of just 700mm and a low centre of gravity, the LL-1 offers increased payloads, a reduction in binlift damage and greater vehicle manoeuvrability.

It uses both an electronic and manual locking system for trade bin collections and employs robust polypropylene side protection covers to help reduce damage repair costs.

The LL-1 is fitted with smart display diagnostics, allowing customers' own engineers access to the full diagnostics of the system, without the need of a lap-top, which could significantly reduce the need for costly manufacturer call-outs. The LL-1 is prepared for weighing technology, allowing customers to incorporate it from new build or to retrofit it.

The Logic Lift LL-1 is sold separately or in combination with MOBA's bin weighing and ID solutions. It is available for delivery now and is sold through MOBA in the UK and from Logic Fleet Management in the Republic of Ireland.