Aebi-Schmidt has launched the Multigo 150 ' a new, multi-functional lightweight compact sweeper.

The new addition aims to combine sweeping features and a high payload with multi-functional implement carriers. The 1.5 m3 hopper allows additional attachments to be used, such as a scrub deck, mowing-suction combination, snow plough and other auxiliary spreaders, meaning that it can be used all year round.

Articulated steering allows for easy turning and manoeuvring ' even in confined spaces. A class B driving license is sufficient to operate this machine, which increases flexibility when planning personnel deployment. This is possible as its total weight is no more than a maximum of 3.5 tonnes. Driver features include single-handed operation, ergonomic controls and a newly designed, glazed panorama cab, with all-around visibility.

'The Multigo 150 has a high-performance, 67 hp, level 3B common rail diesel system and patented Bosch Rexroth HET four-wheel drive (High-Efficiency Traction Control). This guarantees optimal handling, even on demanding inclines of up to 30%. ECO mode reduces the rotation speed during sweeping and driving, which saves fuel and reduces noise emission. The innovative airflow design in the suction channel guarantees high sweeper performance. Automatic collision protection ensures that the brushes are protected against damage,' says Aebi Schmidt's Mike Moore.

The cab of the Multigo 150 is equipped with a ventilation system and air conditioning with a fine particulate air filter (class F8). This prevents pollen and fine particulates from getting into the cab.

Outside the sweeper, multi-stage dust binding ensures a low level of particulates in the air: when sweeping, nozzles spray water on the front brushes and the dirt is then bound by the recycling water system. Water inside the suction channel transports this into the hopper. The Multigo 150 was awarded four out of four stars in its PM10/PM2.5 certification for this feature.

A new panorama cab developed by Aebi Schmidt improves all-around visibility and safety when in operation. The windscreen wipers are positioned right down at foot level and therefore do not obstruct the view. The driver's seat is placed in the centre of the cab, ensuring maximum all-around visibility. The full-suspension chassis and vibration-cushioned cab minimise vibrations, while the horizontally and vertically adjustable steering column and the air-cushioned driver's seat ensure a comfortable working environment. An adjustable, orthopaedic heated comfort seat is available as an optional extra, as well as a reversing and suction shaft camera and a Bluetooth radio with a hands-free function for mobile phones.