Johnston Sweepers seeks to exploit economies of scale within in the UK by looking at combining the three UK manufacturing sites operated by the company into a single site in Dorking, Surrey. The envisaged investment amounts to GBP 11 million in infrastructure and new production technologies.

Today Johnston Sweepers operates three different manufacturing sites in UK. Truck mounted sweepers are manufactured in Dorking, compact sweepers in Sittingbourne and the site in Ash Vale is specialised in welding of bodies for truck mounted sweepers. This structure, which was built up historically, requires complex logistics, whilst the use of synergies and economies of scale are limited. To maintain and improve on past good performance in the UK, Johnston Sweepers is proposing a project that would combine all three manufacturing sites into one by transferring all activities of Sittingbourne and Ash Vale to Dorking. As this proposal entails the closure of the Sittingbourne and Ash Vale sites, it is to be the subject of consultation with elected employee representatives prior to a decision on its adoption being taken. If the proposal is adopted, it is intended that all of around 100 permanent employees of Sittingbourne and Ash Vale will be offered jobs at the new manufacturing facility in Dorking.

The proposed project envisages a GBP 11 million investment in 2012 and 2013, which consists of the construction of a new building in Dorking as well as investment in new production equipment and technologies. The proposed extension provides an excellent opportunity to optimise the structural

lay-out of the Dorking plant and to incorporate new paint, welding, fitting and storage facilities. The goal is to create a highly modern sweeper manufacturing location with significantly improved efficiency that will enhance the competitiveness of Johnston Sweepers in the UK.