Local authorities can now purchase refuse collection vehicles from Geesinknorba without going through a complex tender process as the company has been named as a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service's Vehicle Purchase Framework RM6060.

The purchasing framework, which runs from December 2018 to December 2022, enables public sector organisations to access a full range of vehicles from passenger cars to emergency services vehicles from a number of pre-vetted suppliers via either direct award or further competition. The framework is compliant with public procurement obligations, reflects commercial best practice, and can save local authorities time and money in the procurement process.

Geesinknorba is one of only two suppliers offering RCVs through the framework under Lot 3 (medium to heavy commercial vehicles 7.5 tonnes and above) and available vehicles from the company include the Mini Series, Multi Fraction MF Series, G Series, N Series and Rossi bodies with various domestic and commercial bin lift options.

Use of purchasing frameworks has numerous benefits. As suppliers have been appointed by Crown Commercial Service through an open competition, public sector buyers can have confidence in the reliability of suppliers and their ability to meet their requirements. Frameworks also offer discounts to buyers through collective buying power, and even bigger discounts can be achieved for bulk purchases using the eAuctions functionality of the framework.

'We are delighted to be onto the Crown Commercial Vehicle Purchase framework,' said Geesinknorba's UK Business Director Mick Hill. 'This means that our vehicles, which were previously only available to public sector customers through a tender process, can now be purchased directly and at competitive prices. We are looking forward to welcoming new local authority customers as a result of our inclusion in this framework'