Land recovery and recycling company, Escrick Environmental Services (EES) has added the first street cleaning vehicle to its fleet.

Supplied by Thompson Commercials, the Range D, with dedicated Johnston sweeper body is based on a Renault Trucks Range D16 4X2 R Sweeper 250 E6.

ES is working on the creation and profile of the former clay pit and associated brickworks at Escrick, recovering suitable waste to create a mountain bike skills centre and nature walk in the area in addition to soil washing and recycling facility.

The new Range D Sweeper has been bought in specifically to manage essential road cleansing work for this project, as EES Director David Brown explains: 'Operating on land recovery sites is messy work, especially in winter. Our new Range D Sweeper is key to ensuring that we don't leave any debris all over the busy A19 near York'

Keeping full control of the project was vital to EES as David explains: 'Previously we hired in sweepers but we found we didn't have as much control as we would like'

David continues: 'Buying our own sweeper has put us in the driving seat of where and when we can do the work we need to do and ensures that we are in full control of keeping everything clean on the busy trunk road'

The Renault Trucks Range D chassis with dedicated sweeper pack is factory designed, built and warranted, and isĀ available in 12, 16 and 18 tonnes, the sweeper-packed chassis options have been specifically designed to deliver valuable extra payload and productivity.

With a heavy-duty rear axle, the sweeper benefits from a 700kg additional payload and fuel tank that carries an additional 40 litres over alternative chassis, whilst a short wheelbase improves manoeuvrability. Combined with the deep-glazed offside 'Vision Door' for enhanced road safety, the Range D has impressed both David and the driver, too. He notes: 'The driver says it's brilliant and prefers it to the hired trucks, and says it's the best one for our particular job. It's easier to drive and

'My relationship with Renault Trucks and Thompsons goes back a long way - the latter rented a yard from my business partner in the early days. They understand our requirements inside out. This, combined with a very good Renault Trucks product, made it an easy decision when we wanted to get our own sweeper. I keep buying them so they must be doing something right,' concludes David.