Vehicle safety specialist Sentinel Systems has installed safety cameras, recording devices and cycle awareness systems onto the City of Edinburgh Council vehicles.

Sentinel Systems' products were chosen for welfare minibuses and hook lift vehicles in Edinburgh's diverse fleet to improve the transport safety in the city.

Sentinel's Bike Hotspot cycle detection systems were fitted to 11 Mellor Mercedes Sprinter 16 seat welfare buses and to four hook lift vehicles (26T 3 axle) that operate with 2 trailers between them. The council was particularly keen to improve the safety of vehicles reversing or manoeuvring in confined spaces in busy urban areas.

The visual and audible aids on the Bike Hotspot system alert the driver to a cyclist moving nearby and it can also be set to warn a cyclist or pedestrian that the vehicle is turning left, so that they can keep a safe distance and do not try to undertake the vehicle. The system is designed to be activated only when the vehicle is travelling at less than 15mph, to prevent false alarms.