East Lothian Council has doubled the number of Muthing MU-FM-4 flails on its fleet.

Dougie Fox, Amenity Technician for East Lothian Council commented: 'Due to changes in the way certain areas have to be maintained, using a flail mower is the ideal solution. We bought our first five Muthing flails for the 2018 season and found the MU-FM-4 reliability and cut quality to be far superior to the rotary mowers we were using, with a finish almost identical to that of a cylinder mower. Our decision to add another five MU-FM-4's to our fleet is based entirely on performance.

'We now cut in all conditions, without height adjustment, including on longer, wetter growth. Manoeuvrability is superior to other products in the market and the end result is a more easily maintained area with a better visual finish'

Simon Richard, UK Agent for the Muthing range added: 'Manoeuvrability has always been a negative for using a flail mower but the MU-FM-4, where the conventional rear roller is replaced with four wheels, takes performance to a new level, with a marked increase in manoeuvrability and quality of cut along verges and around flower beds and trees. Local authority ability to achieve the two objectives of delivering cut quality at less frequent intervals will be increased by raising the level of flails mowers, as a percentage of ground care machinery stock. Rotary and flail mowers also generally cost less to purchase, and maintain'