International automotive technology provider ERM Advanced Telematics is to expand its range of products and services to vehicle manufacturers and importers over the coming year.

ERM's current products and services mainly target fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery service providers.

It says its new developments will enable vehicle manufacturers and importers to offer their customers additional products and services during the vehicle's lifespan, enabling them to obtain real-time information about vehicle's systems failure and accidents, and increase revenue from owners after the expiration of the vehicle's warranty.

Over the coming year, ERM intends to offer a series of solutions, which will include advanced analytics capabilities enabling automotive manufacturers and importers to predict upcoming expenses over a vehicle's lifecycle and build customised proposals for vehicle owners and fleet managers.

ERM is based in Israel and operates in over 65 countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Its products are installed in more than 1.5 million vehicles worldwide and are based on wireless technologies including cellular communications, RF, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Eitan Kirshenboim, CMO of ERM Advanced Telematics, said: 'ERM offers vehicle manufacturers and importers direct communications with the customer following the purchase of the vehicle.

'This is a paradigm shift that will serve both the vehicle and fleet owners and the manufacturers and importers'