An anti-littering campaign that urges people 'Don't be a Tos53r' is being promoted around Dorset on the sides of vans that deliver wheelie bins and remove fly-tipped waste.

The striking message warning motorists they face a fine of up to £100 if anyone in their vehicle throws rubbish out of a window is being seen by thousands of people.

The national campaign, launched by Keep Britain Tidy and run by Litter Free Dorset, is being displayed on Luton vans belonging to the Dorset Waste Partnership. The three vans are based in Weymouth, Shaftesbury and Dorchester but travel around the county.

It follows the partnership's success with turning 25 of its refuse and recycling vehicles into mobile billboards by fitting them with Spedian vehicle graphics systems.

The partnership, which collects and disposes of rubbish for more than 200,000 households across the county of Dorset, has now fitted Spedian systems to more vehicles.

Alongside the 'Don't be a tos53r' campaign, it is running a 'Tip-off' campaign on the opposite side of the three vans to remind residents they risk being fined if they use an unlicensed 'man in a van' to dispose of unwanted household items.

Gemma Clinton, Head of Service (Strategy) at the Dorset Waste Partnership, said: 'Running public information campaigns on refuse and recycling vehicles represents good value for money in comparison to alternative forms of advertising.

'By the very nature of their work the vans travel around rural Dorset as well as towns and the campaigns are seen by a lot of people'

Lawrence Craig, CEO and founder of Roadvert that owns the Spedian systems, said: 'Local authorities up and down the country are now seeing the advantages to using their vehicle fleets to spread their messages and some are now being approached by commercial companies wishing to join in.

'Refuse and recycling vehicles, in particular, are extremely effective 'billboards' for messages as they reach every street where people live, are slow-moving, giving passers-by time to take in the information, and are highly visible. No other Outdoor advertising does this'

Spedian lightweight, reusable graphics panels are easy to install and uninstall without damaging the vehicle or leaving sticky residues behind. They require no frame, nuts, bolts, screws or rails.