Nearly five million disposable vapes are thrown away in the UK every week, and there have been several incidents involving fires in recycling and waste trucks caused by their lithium-ion batteries.

Veolia’s senior executive vice president for Northern Europe, Gavin Graveson, said: ‘When faced with an environmental crisis, every product that enters the market should be designed for recyclability.

‘Disposable vapes are a clear example of when products have been designed with no thought for their environmental impact and should be subject to an extended producer responsibility scheme that incentivises the right eco-design.’

The chairman of the Local Government Association’s (LGA) community wellbeing board, David Fothergill, said: ‘We’re delighted that the Government has listened to the longstanding concerns of the LGA and councils and are taking decisive action to ban single-use vapes.

‘Disposable vapes are inherently unsustainable products, meaning an outright ban remains the most effective solution to this problem.’

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