Dennis Eagle's subsidiary in North America, Dennis Eagle Inc is unveiling a cab aimed at the US and Canadian markets at this year's WasteExpo, in Las Vegas.

Based on the Elite 6, the ProView cab has narrowed A and B pillars to aid peripheral vision which helps prevent traffic disappearing from sight, while longer, panoramic windows give enhanced over-the-shoulder visibility at junctions.

The cab is also positioned closer to the road to give drivers a better sense of the vehicle's proportions and more visibility of cyclists and pedestrians.

The ProView will be one of the lowest entry cabs on the US market at around 43cm from floor to step, with its flat, unobstructed walk-through design helping to reduce leg and back strain for operators.

In addition, fewer dash-mounted switches and a telescopic and tilting steering wheel make for simple operation.

Initially available in a 6x4 configuration, the ProView is available with dual control and left-hand steer options in diesel. Aftermarket support is provided by a network of vocational truck dealers and service centres.

Robert Mecchi, President of Dennis Eagle Inc said: 'It is exciting to bring something genuinely new to our customers.

'The Elite has been an industry-leading cab in Europe since its introduction in the 1990s. It has undergone many upgrades since then and has now been engineered for the US and Canada. With unrivalled visibility, access and focus on safety, the ProView is what the market has been asking for.

'The first cabs went on trial with customers earlier this year and have been extremely well received, with great feedback from drivers and owners.

'More are at our various US body builders awaiting delivery and, as we will be starting production in early 2019, we are already discussing orders with customers to reserve slots in the programme'

WasteExpo runs in Las Vegas from 24-26 April.