Dennis Eagle's Olympus refuse collection vehicle has been upgraded to improve operational performance.

The Olympus was launched in 2010 and the latest enhancements focus on hydraulic efficiency.

A new hydraulic tank has been fitted, offering greater quality and reliability. Hydraulic efficiency is also improved by using redesigned cylinders, while fully maintaining cycle times and packing forces.

New control valves recirculate existing oil in the system, preventing it travelling to and from the tank and creating improved efficiencies.

A higher plate at the front of the body now comes as standard. This helps to reduce the chance of waste build-up spilling over to the engine bay, while full height front body netting prevents the risk of foreign objects falling from the body.

The upgraded Olympus also features a hinged electrical junction box door, along with a seal fitted to the body access door to prevent potential leakage. A harness guard at the front of the body deflects obstructions ' such as tree branches ' from electrical equipment on the roof. And an underbody plate to stop rodents is now fitted as standard to protect the electrical harness from damage.