Sustainable lighting tower manufacturer Trime UK has designed and built a line of equipment cleaning systems operating from recycled water.

Called the X-Splash Wash Bay, this brand new product is an ecological, flexible cleaning system for all types of plant and machinery.

The X-Splash is designed to help to prevent soil pollution and contamination of drains from oil, grease and other chemical contaminants commonly associated with the regular cleaning of site equipment.

D&S Plant Services, which provides services to the construction machinery industry in Scotland, has already taken delivery of an X-Splash Wash Bay.

'We needed an environmentally sound cleaning system for our new depot,' said D&S owner, Dave Pattison.

'Originally we thought that the only option we had was to install a permanent tank, which invariably involves ground excavation. However, the Trime X-Splash means that this onerous work is completely alleviated. The X-Splash was up and operating in just a few hours ' we are delighted with its performance'

The cleaning area is connected to the rear solids collection tank section, which recycles the water through a system of filters, which means that all heavy solids are contained for easy removal.

From here the dirty water is pumped into the filtration tank where a series of filters removes smaller solid particulates, hydrocarbons and oils. Access to both the solids collection tank and filtration tank means all contaminates can be disposed of properly.

Trime has significant experience in the UK rental markets. The Trime manufacturing plant is based in Cassinetta di Lugagnano, near Milan and the Trime UK is situated in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.