Swansea City Council and Rochford District Council have become Aebi Schmidt first time customers after acquiring Swingo sweeper units.

Swansea purchased two Swingo 200+ machines which were delivered in July.

And Rochford District Council in Essex, purchased four Swingo 200+ units. These machines feature third brush arms and have de-mountable spreaders for the winter. Two of the machines also have snowbrushes.

'The third brush arm is quite an unusual feature in the UK, although it's common place in the rest of Europe,' said Area Sales Manager Simon Stringer.

'This gives the advantage of being able to sweep roadways and paths at the same time. Some pathways are too narrow to get the machine onto so this is when the third brush can be used. The winter application is a quick change brush solution for the snowbrush mounting and the spreaders can be mounted and demounted in minutes.'

The machines purchased by Rochford District Council were supplied to SITA UK, which manages the street cleansing contract for Rochford.