Future Fleet Forum offers the Mock PACE Interview, which delivers a realistic re-enactment of what a formal interview with the HSE is like for a senior fleet manager implicated with a company's health and safety failings.

It offers useful insight into what to expect in the event that you, your employer or your organisation are ever invited as a suspect to an interview, demonstrates the sorts of issues giving rise to criminal offences being actively investigated and the type of questions that a potential defendant might face, highlights the seriousness and potential implications of what is said in interview being used as evidence and
raises awareness about some of the important legal aspects that should be considered prior to attending any interview.

- Useful insight into the interview process and interview techniques
- An overview of what are a suspects legal rights and highlight key considerations prior to attending an interview
- Raise awareness about the ramifications of what is said during an interview and how this can be used as evidence in a prosecution

This session is delivered by Jonathan Cowlan and Adrian Mansbridge,
Associate, Pinsent Mason

Register at www.futurefleetforum.co.uk/register.aspx