With perhaps more spot rental food waste collection vehicles with compaction than any other hire company Collett Transport Services (CTS), an independent company which specialises in municipal vehicles, has again chosen Heil Farid to supply its latest new vehicle.

CTS's prides itselves on being a 'focussed on people ' and therefore its number one aim is to exceed customer satisfaction.

Eager to keep pace with current waste market needs, CTS was keen to gear up for the expected demand for food waste collection vehicles as many local authorities are now having to take a close look at the next waste stream to be diverted from landfill, which is of course food waste.

The latest vehicle purchased by CTS consists of the following components:

  • Farid Micro L 5m3 with Farid comb lift on an Isuzu N75 7.5t GVW 4x2 chassis. 2850mm short wheelbase.
  • The Micro features a fully sealed, one piece construction body with compaction ratio of 3:1 with guaranteed no leakages, an ideal solution where restricted access is a problem and excellent manoeuvrability is required.
  • The RCV comes complete with safety kit (broom and shovel holder, teal hand wash unit, first aid kit and fire extinguisher) plus led beacons.

All CTS hire fleet vehicles are all tracked with Navman Wireless Vehicle Tracking Systems, and therefore CTS customers have access to the vehicle tracking when they are hiring vehicles.

Andy Collett, Managing Director of Collett Transport Services explained: 'We are keen to keep pace with market requirements and strive to provide our customers with service and products that match their expectations. We are a Heil Farid agent and find their products do exactly what is expected of them with very little fuss. Hence, we had no hesitation in choosing the Farid Micro L for our food waste collection hire vehicle fleet.'