The City of Montreal, through rolling stock and workshops, manages one of the largest municipal fleets in Canada with nearly 7,600 vehicles and 400 maintenance and repair employees. In addition to the borough vehicles and other services, the rolling stock department manages the acquisitions and preventive maintenance of nearly 2,000 vehicles assigned to public safety (police and fire service vehicles). With its electrification and transportation strategy, and more specifically its 3rd Green rolling stock policy 2016-2020, the City of Montreal is, since 2017, the first city in Canada for the importance of its fleet of 100% electric vehicles. The City of Montreal is also the first city in Canada to have a budget envelope specifically dedicated to the acquisition and testing of 100% electric prototypes. Among other things, it implemented an unprecedented inter-municipal vehicle loan initiative in North America, culminating in 2019 with the loan of 3 100% electric vacuum-cleaner carts to New York City. This type of initiative highlights the expertise of the electrification sector in Quebec and offers an exceptional showcase for companies in the Montreal and Quebec regions.