Spot hire firm CTS Municipal Vehicle Hire has taken delivery of three 12-tonne GPM Mini refuse collection vehicles from specialist vehicle supplier Geesinknorba.

Three new compact Geesinknorba RCVs went into service with CTS customers around the UK this summer. Mounted on DAF LF 4x2 chassis and fitted with GCB 550 trade lifts, these lightweight and manoeuvrable RCVs are only two metres wide and less than three metres high, making them ideal for densely populated urban environments and hard-to-access areas.

Part of Specialist Fleet Services (SFS), CTS is a specialist and municipal vehicle hire company with customers all over the UK. Paul Connor, head of tenders and procurement at SFS, said that the business awarded the contract to Geesinknorba because of the combination of its warranty, training provision, and delivery capabilities.

‘We are not just interested in the price point of vehicles. The support package is also very important, and what Geesinknorba put together was compelling after taking into account the very competitive warranty and training provision,' said Paul.

‘CTS is a spot hire business, so we have our own maintenance and delivery teams who require training, as well as our customers. The GPM Minis are a new product for us and Geesinknorba offered us a support package that exceeded our expectations for an order of just three vehicles. It includes initial training, not just for our drivers and workshop teams, but also for our customers, with the option of on-going training if required.'

Paul explained that CTS had a very specific delivery window for the vehicles, and Geesinknorba's ability to meet this deadline was a key factor in their successful tender. ‘Our delivery window was narrow but Geesinknorba have been as good as their word, and the first vehicle arrived on schedule at the end of July.'

‘We were delighted to be selected to supply CTS with three of our robust GPM Mini RCVs,' said Stuart Cudden, corporate account manager for Geesinknorba. ‘At Geesinknorba we understand the importance of exceeding our customers' expectations. This not only means delivering the vehicles on time but also supporting our customers in the operation of those vehicles to ensure they perform to their maximum potential. We hope this is the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial relationship with CTS and SFS.'

Specifically designed for domestic waste collection, the small size of the GPM Mini means it can be mounted on chassis from 7.5 tonnes. It shares many of the capabilities of the larger Geesink rear-loader, including the company's compaction mechanism.

In line with Geesinknorba's commitment to creating a greener future for the waste industry, the Mini can be supplied with a lithium-ion battery to power the body and bin lift. It is also available as a full electric option using Geesink's Li-On Power Pro module to power chassis, body, and lifter.