Road safety charity Brake is inviting those responsible for at-work drivers including fleet managers, health and safety managers and HR professionals to attend an essential seminar on fatigue management within fleets.

 The one-day seminar, sponsored by MiX Telematics and Seeing Machines, takes place on Thursday 04 April 2019 in central London.

The webinar will be delivered as part of the Global Fleet Champions campaign Brake's brand new not-for-profit global campaign to prevent crashes and reduce pollution caused by vehicles used for work purposes. Global Fleet Champions is free and shares training, tools, and guidance on global fleet safety best practice with its members, as well as networking and development opportunities. Find out more about Global Fleet Champions.

Driving whilst tired is high risk and fatigue is a factor in a large number of crashes. Fatigue, like other impairments such as alcohol and drugs, affects driving. However, whilst drug and alcohol impairment can be measured to identify risk, measuring fatigue is difficult.

The seminar will feature presentations delivered by academics and industry experts to cover the following issues:

  • Causes and consequences of driver fatigue
  • Identifying and addressing fatigue
  • Talking about fatigue with employees
  • Managing fatigue within fleets
  • Fatigue risk management

Find out more and book your place here.

Sarah Plumb, Senior Fleet Officer at Brake said: 'Fatigue is particularly dangerous because it can affect anyone, regardless of how experienced a driver they are. At-work drivers can be particularly at risk, especially if they spend long hours driving, drive at night, or have irregular sleep schedules. Delegates at this seminar will receive expert advice on how to manage fatigue within fleets and I encourage all those with responsibility for at-work drivers to attend'

Marc Trollet, Managing Director at MiX Telematics Europe said: 'MiX Telematics has been at the forefront of using technology to improve driver safety for over two decades, across the world. We are pleased to be a sponsor of this important seminar and contribute to raising awareness about driver fatigue and ways to combat it'

Ken Kroeger, CEO at Seeing Machines said: 'Seeing Machines exists to enhance safety with our driver monitoring systems across a range of transport sectors. We are delighted to be working with Brake and our partner MiX Telematics to help businesses understand ways to manage and reduce the risks associated with fatigue and distraction in commercial driving environments'