Graphic panels on the sides of refuse collection vehicles are helping Aylesbury Vale District Council get a range of messages across to local residents ' including advertising vacancies in its recycling and waste collection team.

While residents already recycle 54% of waste ' well above the national average of 43% ' the council wants to encourage them to go even greener and is using Spedian's lightweight, reusable vehicle graphics system to focus residents' minds with a range of positive recycling messages.

One refers to Aylesbury Vale's victory in the 2017 National Refuse Championships, inviting people to apply to 'Join our champion collection crew'.

Councillor Sir Beville Stanier, cabinet member for environment and waste at Aylesbury Vale District Council, said: 'We are seeking highly competent and enthusiastic individuals to join our award winning crew and what better way could there be to highlight our vacancies than to advertise them on the vehicles they are working with?'

The message is just part of the council's campaign to boost recycling rates in to Aylesbury Vale. Another features an artist's image of people with recycling bins and asks: 'We're recycling, are you?' then adds: 'Keep the Vale clean and green. The more we recycle the more we save'

It is the first time that the council has run such a concerted campaign on its recycling and waste fleet.

Councillor Sir Beville Stanier said: 'Our residents are already making a splendid effort at recycling, saving the council money and protecting the environment. However, I am confident we can do even better.

'The arrival of our new recycling and waste collection fleet is an opportune time to launch a further drive to increase recycling rates. The graphics panels fitted to the new fleet will display our messages outside doorsteps across the district and they will be hard to miss. After all, recycling benefits us all and is the one thing we can all do to improve our environment'