Allison Transmission, the largest global manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty fully automatic transmissions, has announced a new formulation of its transmission fluid.

TES 668™ is a modern formulation with many advantages compared to mineral-based, non-synthetic fluids. This next generation transmission fluid is specified for all Allison 1000 SeriesTM, 2000 SeriesTM, 3000 SeriesTM and 4000 SeriesTM automatic transmissions.

TES 668 builds on the demonstrated performance of TES 295® fluid in a number of key areas, such as oxidative stability, anti-wear performance and friction modifier durability. These factors improve the quality of the shifts and reduce the noise, vibration and harshness experienced as the fluid ages.

The robust formulation of TES 668 meets the most demanding specs related to fluid stability, lubrication and cold operation. This allows Allison to back long drain intervals, even when operating under heavy loads.

TES 668 is specified for Allison products to ensure ideal operation. There are a range of problems that come from using an unapproved fluid in an Allison product, such as seal and friction issues, which will impact overall product durability.

‘We are pleased to offer the enhanced fluid. This is yet another example of how Allison strives to continually progress our products and services with our mission of improving the way the world works,’ said Brian Geiselhart, Allison Transmission managing director, Global Channel, Aftermarket & Warranty.

‘In today’s world where focus is placed upon rational cost savings, the use of a top quality oil can sometimes be overlooked. Investing in an oil such as Allison’s TES 668 will bring long term benefits to your Allison Transmission, further improving the already impressive total cost of ownership,’ added Ashley Brookes, area director, UK & Ireland at Allison Transmission.