Trakm8, a supplier of telematics, vehicle cameras, optimisation, and fleet management solutions, will showcase a wide range of new additions to its product suite at the CV Show.

The company's award-winning RH600 telematics camera is established with major fleets such as Iceland Foods and Calor Gas. Trakm8 is adding advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to the RH600, which include the ability to monitor distracted driving or driver drowsiness. If the driver looks away for a few seconds, for example, to check a mobile phone or is nodding off, the RH600 will issue an audible alert. The device can also send footage of the incident to the fleet manager.

Nickie Hunt-Mason, Sales and Marketing Director for Fleet and Optimisation at Trakm8, said: 'Trakm8 is able to factor these events into its driver scoring, creating the most advanced driver behaviour analytics currently available in the UK.

'Distracted driving and driver fatigue are both significant issues facing transport and fleet managers. Our new ADAS features not only help to tackle this problem; they also feed into our driver scoring matrix to provide even more accurate driver behaviour analytics'

Trakm8 is also launching new camera and sensor bundles, designed to meet the recently-revised FORS Silver standard. In addition, the company is confirming the roll-out of its Insight telematics platform, after deployment with key customers. Insight is a highly-customisable web-based system which enables fleet managers to quickly and easily focus on the issues which matter to them the most.

Trakm8 Prime is the UK's first fully online vehicle tracking solution ' customers can order from the website, receive the devices the next day, install the units themselves, and be up and running in minutes. At the CV Show, Trakm8 will be highlighting its new 30-day rolling contract for Prime, which provides customers with full flexibility and control over their telematics requirements. The company has also introduced lower pricing, which is now available from £6.99 per device per month; and has developed a new Fleet Manager app to meet demand from larger customers.

Trakm8 has long been recognised as a specialist in vehicle health alerts, thanks to deep connectivity with a light commercial vehicle's CANbus system.

Trakm8 Connectedcare can read vehicle diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and report them to a fleet manager via a real-time alert. It also records incidences when a DTC is generated in one of their vehicles, and each subsequent time the vehicle is started yet the fault is still present. For larger fleets, this data can also provide analysis of trends, such as identifying common faults within vehicles at a certain mileage.

Furthermore, if the fleet has a designated service, maintenance and repair partner, Trakm8 Connectedcare can be set up so that the garage or workshop receives these alerts. The workshop can then contact the driver or fleet manager to arrange a convenient time for the remedial work to be carried out.

Along with telematics and cameras, Trakm8 is also a provider of route optimisation and fleet scheduling software. Clients can now benefit from pay-as-you-go access to Trakm8 Optimisation, via an API ' this is ideal for fleet and transport management software developers looking to integrate route optimisation into their own product suites. For fleet customers, Trakm8 also now offers full Epod integration with Trakm8 Optimisation. Epods help to further reduce paperwork and speed up invoicing by providing proof of delivery or job completion.

Trakm8 is the UK's largest manufacturer of telematics devices, which are designed and produced at its headquarters in the West Midlands. The company is proud to hold the Made in Britain marque. Currently, it has more than 250,000 units in play.