Picture of an Isle of Man gritter on a snow-bound road with Michelin retread tyres on

Isle of Man saves £20k-a-year with Michelin retread tyres

Published:  06 December, 2018

More than £20,000 has been saved by the Isle of Man government in the first 12 months since it started to use retread tyres.

The island extended the Michelin policy it adopted in 2015 to use Michelin Remix tyres on buses and trucks.

Through the deal, tyres are now returned to Michelin’s retread factory in Stoke-on-Trent for remanufacture as Michelin Remix tyres – which deliver similar levels of performance to new tyres but cost around 40 per cent less.

And for each Michelin casing returned and accepted for Remix, the Manx government receives a credit allowing it to fit a Remix tyre the next time one of its vehicles needs new rubber. Michelin’s Remix process uses 70 per cent less raw materials than manufacturing a new tyre, doubling the lifespan of each tyre casing while saving both money and natural resources.

All 78 buses and 104 trucks operated by the island’s Department for Infrastructure now fit a mixture of Michelin new and retread tyres – with the proportion of Remix tyres expected to grow as more tyres come up for replacement.

Ian Bates, Head of Operations for Isle of Man Transport Services, said: ‘We have a responsibility to make sure the infrastructure on the island works smoothly and safely – but we also have a responsibility to use public money sensibly. Michelin allows us to do that.

‘We have already seen savings of £20,000 since adopting the Remix policy last year, and this is just the start. As well as the financial benefit, these tyres allow us to significantly reduce our impact on the environment by cutting the number of new tyres we fit, combined with the natural fuel saving advantages of running a Michelin policy.’

The Isle of Man Government also uses Michelin’s accidental tyre damage guarantee through which Michelin promises to refund customers if accidental damage occurs before a new truck or bus tyre is 50 per cent worn. The guarantee covers most of the Michelin sizes and tread patterns required by the government, ensuring its fleet enjoys maximum peace of mind.

The new tyre policy means the Isle of Man Government is benefiting from multiple lives from each new Michelin casing – new, regroove, Remix and regroove – with the potential for a worn Remix tyre to be retreaded again through Michelin’s Encore remoulding process.

Bates added: ‘Any concerns we might have had about using remoulds were dispelled after visiting the Michelin factory in Stoke-on-Trent where we were shown first-hand the process that is used for its Remix tyres. We were really impressed with the quality of work, dedication of their team and have total faith in the Michelin product.’

The Department for Infrastructure provides a diverse range of services for the Manx community including public transport, emergency services, highways maintenance and improvement works, waste management, and the provision of raw materials to support development and the construction industry.

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