COMMERCIAL PROFILE: Johnston Sweepers has been manufacturing road sweepers in Surrey for over 80 years and is the largest manufacturer and exporter of outdoor sweeping equipment in Britain. In the UK we have 70% market share in a highly competitive industry, our highly complex products incorporating all the latest technology in performance, efficiency, cost of ownership and impact on the environment.

More than half the sweepers produced by Johnston are sold for export, our customers including local authorities, service providers and operated hire companies in the domestic market and throughout the world, and we are proud that our products are designed, engineered and developed in Britain.

Our product range includes everything from the smallest pedestrian sweeper and our award-winning Compact through to full-size truck-mounted machines, covering every sweeping possible application. Our truck-mounted sweeper remains at the heart of our worldwide operation and is internationally recognised as the template for sweeper technology, with more than 30,000 units sold all over the world.

Johnston spends more than £3m a year on developing our sweeper range, and has introduced no less than six brand new products in the last year alone, including an entirely new V Range truck-mounted sweeper line-up which has been designed to extend durability, simplify operation and maintenance, reduce running costs and reduce impact on the environment. The range includes the flagship V652 (6.1m3), the V502 (5.1m3) and the V802 (7.7m3), all powered by a range of advanced engine packs from JCB.  There are also hydrostatic drive and Johnston’s new Mekavac mechanical drive system versions available, as well as fully-electric and CNG-powered options.

The latest VT652 truck-mounted sweeper

More than 120 equipment options are available with Johnston’s truck-mounted range, meeting every possible sweeping requirement - and fitting perfectly with the modular design system of the V Range line-up, which allows new equipment to be fitted to any sweeper in the range. The options range includes Water Recirculation which cleans and reuses the water, Johnston’s Supawash high-pressure water system, for really impressive back-to-black results, and a clever anti-skid material delivery system. There’s also a brand new Gulley Pack with Powaboom Wanderhose, which allows the operator to stow the wander hose on a holster mounted to the side of the sweeper, whilst keeping the extensions attached and the wander hose fully extended. The sweeper can move on to the next gulley without having to remove the extensions, saving lots of time and allowing one-man operation. 

See Johnston’s new VT652 at work

Following hard on the heels of an extensive technical makeover in 2017, Johnston Sweepers also recently relaunched its award-winning compact sweeper with a completely new marque, the Johnston C202

Johnston’s C202 Compact sweeper

Available as before in two models – the CN202, with up to 40 kph transit speed, and the CX202, which travels up to 50 kph – the new sweeper has all-new brakes, tyres, axle and latest Euro 6C low emissions engine, as well as an array of recently-introduced sweep system and cab upgrades. The C202 introduces a host of new features for enhanced performance and ride comfort, together with reduced running costs and lower impact on the environment – including the facility to run the machine on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel, along with all sweepers in Johnston’s range.

The latest C202 Compact in action

Sustainability is central to our business ethos and our products are among the quietest and most fuel-efficient, with the highest EUnuted 4* standard of PM10 dust particle capture across our entire product range. Our award-winning manufacturing operation also uses all the very latest environmentally responsible processes and products, including responsible sourcing of materials as part of our drive for environmentally friendly operation.

As part of Johnston’s continued focus on new fuel technologies we are very pleased to announce that for the first time in more than 80 years of producing road sweepers for the worldwide market, Johnston Sweepers’ entire product line-up is completely alternative fuel-enabled, with a range of new models and alternative fuel choices – including Europe’s first fully electrically powered truck mounted sweeper.

Johnston’s VE652, aka ‘evie’ (Electric Vehicle/Intelligent Electronics), is the first commercially available fully electrically-powered truck-mounted sweeper, and it’s seriously clever, representing a remarkable advance in electric vehicle technology.

Evie, Johnston’s pioneering all-electric truck-mounted sweeper

Awarded ‘Bodywork Innovation of the Year’ in the national 2018 Commercial Awards, evie is a full-size truck sweeper powered by a 200kWh Lithium Ion Phosphate battery-pack. All of the automotive functions are electrically-powered, as well as the fan, brushes and Supawash system, requiring no additional power input. 

The result is a zero-emissions, low-noise, low-maintenance full-size sweeper with a 6-tonne payload, similar to a diesel twin-engine machine, and designed to be capable of a full sweeping shift and recharged overnight back at the depot. Ideally suited for municipal use, evie is virtually noise-free, the only sound coming from the airflow and the brushes on the road surface, giving authorities the opportunity to make a real difference to air and noise pollution.

Evie, Johnston’s pioneering all-electric truck-mounted sweeper

As another option, and for an instant and very easy fix for fleet operators looking for a cleaner air alternative, HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is the ideal solution and Johnston is delighted to be the first sweeper company to gain approval for its use across our entire sweeper range.

The easiest “drop-in” mix and match fuel available, HVO can be added to existing fuel tanks without modifications or loss of warranty, and with no need to clean out storage tanks – just fill and go. It can be mixed with diesel if required and is fully interchangeable from fill to fill. HVO burns cleaner and with significantly lower environment-damaging emissions – 27% less HC (hydrocarbons) and 28% less NOX (nitrogen oxides).

For even more significant savings on emissions and costs, Johnston’s latest VS651 CNG truck-mounted sweeper is entirely powered by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), the cleanest burning transportation fuel available. Driven by a single 210Hp engine, the VS651 CNG has been engineered by Johnston and Iveco to be powered solely by CNG, emitting zero particulates (PM) and between 20-29% less CO2 (carbon dioxide) than diesel vehicles on a well-to-wheel basis, and 45% less HC (hydrocarbons).

Using the same Natural Gas as in domestic homes, a number of CNG filling stations are now available throughout the UK, but many authorities and fleet operators are choosing to install fast-fill stations themselves – ideal for those with central depots where vehicles return to base at the end of a shift. There are big cost savings too, at around 60% of the price of diesel, making it the cheapest and cleanest accessible fossil-based natural gas fuel.

An electrically powered Compact sweeper is also available as part of Johnston’s product range, giving customers a comprehensive range of alternative fuel options to help them ditch the diesel.

It’s Johnston’s greenest, cleanest and most environmentally responsible product line-up yet, giving fleet operators and local authorities three alternative fuel options to help eliminate diesel in the quest for cleaner air, lower emissions, and reduced particulate matter.

Our products’ primary function is to improve the environment, but the environmental impact of the machines themselves in terms of dust capture, noise, fuel economy and water conservation, is one of our principal considerations in our design process. Johnston is constantly researching and testing new technologies in this field, combining the latest environmental advances with the requirements of our customers, acting on their feedback and suggestions to stay right at the forefront of sweeper design.

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