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Keytracker and ievo produce biometric key management system

Published:  24 March, 2017

Biometric recognition specialists ievo has joined Keytracker to produce a system offering improved security for organisations managing large numbers of keys.

The result is the biometric-based Restricted Key Access System. Key management specialists Keytracker had already developed restricted key access systems for sectors ranging from the construction to the automobile retail trade – anywhere where access to vehicles, plant or different areas is controlled by physical keys.

ievo ultimate readers use an advanced sensor which employs multispectral imaging (MSI) technology to scan and capture data, using multiple light sources to read not only the surface of the skin but also data points from the subsurface level (up to 4mm deep) of a finger.

The different light sources can penetrate levels of moisture and debris present on the skin to read data points below. This advanced method allows for a high number of uniquely identifiable data points to be recognised and used for a more accurate, reliable and efficient verification process.

The readers are also designed for both external and internal use and are equipped with an internal thermostat controlled heater allowing them to operate in conditions as low as -20˚C and, being IP65 rated, they also function in levels of heavy rain.

Andy Smith, general manager of Keytracker, said: ‘By combining these systems with ievo’s biometric recognition technology and the corresponding software, we have created an ultra-secure solution that ensures and tracks the release of specific keys to specific people.’

‘The resultant Restricted Key Access System restricts access to just the keys an individual is authorised to use. The use of the ievo ultimate finger print readers ensures that the potential for fraudulent access via stolen swipe cards or pin codes is completely removed. The registration process has been integrated with the existing software which saves both the end user and installer time and money.

‘We’re already talking to potential clients in healthcare, where areas like drug storage must be kept under strict control, logistics and construction where only licensed personnel are allowed access to specific vehicles and plant but the possibilities are endless.’

Richard Forsyth, UK Sales Manager of Newcastle-based ievo, said: ‘We’re delighted to be working with Keytracker to provide the ultimate in key access security systems.

‘By the addition of our biometric recognition system, we’ve created an additional level of security to accessing keys for a variety of purposes. Operators can now very easily establish access to specific keys and the track this for external security and internal administrative purposes.’

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