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Industry partners launch live compliance system Get Connected

Published:  27 February, 2017

Three leading vehicle and driver compliance specialists have launched a joint initiative that gives real-time visibility of all compliance issues on a single dashboard.

The new service – called Get Connected – is the idea of partners CMS Supatrak, Vision Techniques and Vehicle Weighing Solutions. They have pooled their industry knowledge and technical expertise across a range of vehicle and driver compliance disciplines to bring about the new initiative.

Get Connected goes further than just displaying related information in one place. The data is live.

Jason Airey, managing director of connected fleet specialist CMS Supatrak, said: ‘Customers have been telling us that they want better product integration and systems that work together and talk to each other. Get Connected does this and brings everything together in one seamless dashboard.

‘Live data is vital to fleet managers. Operators are liable for the behaviour of their drivers and can be held accountable if, following an accident, it is shown that they haven’t proactively managed such things as how drivers are behaving behind the wheel or whether they have tacho infringements. Now that the technology to manage such things in real-time is commonplace and affordable, operators are expected to manage their compliance using available technology.’

Kate Lloyd, marketing director at Vehicle Weighing Solutions, said: ‘Get Connected provides vehicle operators with peace of mind that their compliance responsibilities are being addressed, infringements are being reduced and any issues that do arise can be resolved in an efficient and timely manner.’

Steve Hurd, regional sales manager of Vision Techniques, said: ‘We’ve worked very hard over the last few years to deliver solutions to serious safety issues that fleet managers suffer with every day. However, preventing runaways, accidents with cyclists or reversing incidents is one piece of a bigger puzzle; by offering customers a combined solution that allows the technology to talk to each other we can improve vehicle compliance in a way we never thought possible.’

Get Connected is underpinned with driver risk management services from Broadspire, by Crawford & Company, who specialise in helping operators to manage and reduce work-related road risk.

Andrew Drewary, road risk manager for Broadspire, said: ‘This collaborative approach by partners from different sectors of the industry towards risk prevention is a huge step forward. Pro-active management and analysis of data, data streams and processes is vitally important for operators to remain compliant as well as improving their CSR with regards to work related road risk and road safety.’

For fleet managers that would rather outsource the management of vehicle and driver compliance Get Connected is available as a fully-managed outsourced service. Data is fed to the Get Connected monitoring centre where industry experts manage the data feed in real-time and alert you to problems. Get Connected is offered at no additional cost to customers.

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