Picture of the front of the new Solaris Urbino bus

New bus features anti-microbial handrails

Published:  11 July, 2016

The new Solaris Urbino 12 bus features handrails made from anti-microbial copper to help stop the spread of infectious germs from their surfaces.

Handrails are among the most frequently-touched surfaces on a bus, which prompted the decision to make them from an inherently hygienic material. Manufactured by Polish company STER, the rails are engineered to be lightweight and the solid copper alloy chosen is attractive and colour stable with the added benefit of being anti-microbial.

Copper can destroy some germs, such as the bacteria E. coli, that could otherwise be picked up from frequently-touched surfaces, potentially causing an illness. Fewer germs on surfaces mean less risk of infections spreading between people touching them.

Copper shares its anti-microbial properties with over 500 copper alloys including brass and bronze, creating a large family of metals collectively called anti-microbial copper.

Products using such materials bear a Cu+ mark, showing they are made from approved, solid copper alloys with anti-microbial properties. These last their full lifetime, as there is no coating or surface treatment to scratch off or wear away.

Picture of the copper-alloy handrails in side the new Solaris Urbino bus

Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. is a European leader in the development of electric vehicles, and has entered its copper-equipped model into the Bus Euro Test, which will select Europe’s best city bus in 2017.

The Solaris Urbino 12’s batteries have a 240kWh capacity and can be charged in two ways: via pantograph (during stops) or from a charger using a plug-in connector. This makes its range almost unlimited. It also features innovative seats to help make a more comfortable ride for passengers.

The new bus, combining environmentally-friendly electric technology with the public health benefits of antimicrobial copper, will be on show at Transports Publics 2016 in Paris this September.

Picture of the new Solaris Urbino bus

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